The 3 Reasons Why Honorable Kunle Sanyaolu Olowoopejo’s Chairmanship Tenure At Egbe-Idimu LCDA will Be Prosperous 

(Last Updated On: July 3, 2017)

  “A society that is governed by a succeeding law abiding leader who is not only surrounded with optimistic institute but also imbibe with qualitative wisdom of excellence will always be prosperous in all spheres of life.” Based on the historical facts and figures that significantly indicate the previous tenure of Honorable Adebayo Waheed Bello [A.K.A Sunshine] where Honorable Kunle Sanyaolu Olowoopejo officially works as Vice Chairman signifies that Honorable Kunle Sanyaolu Olowoopejo has a distinctive and a productive capability and capacity to standardize Egbe-Idimu local government into a glorious limelight for all masses.   

    Significantly, the three major reasons why Honorable Kunle Olowoopejo’s Chairmanship tenure would be prosperous for all Egbe-Idimu  masses are illustrated below:

  Firstly, Honorable Kunle Sanyaolu Olowoopejo optimistic eagerness towards matters affecting life of the masses is very high. Especially the kin issues that can create conflict within the society. Significantly, one of the true qualities of a good leader is the ability to identify a problem before it becomes an emergency. Therefore, Honorable Kunle Sanyaolu Olowoopejo has the intellectual capability and capacity to discover problems before it as becomes emergency, he is always able to proffer solutions and also solve the socio-political and economic problems at a stipulated period of time. A society that is governed under the effective supervision of a disciplined and ambitious leader is expected to be well directed at ally cost. 

    Sincerely speaking, Nigerians that  currently lives and work  within the geopolitical zones and axis of Egbe-Idimu environment should be expecting maximum and excellent political strategies that will positively increase the growth of Egbe-Idimu community.

  Secondly, maximum protection of life and properties would be effectively exercised. There will be effective continuation of construction of qualitative roads that links each community to the other, amendment of street lights, provision of standby generator to supply power, free birth certificate for children. Additionally, Hon Kunle Olowoopejo is a leader that is always ready to upgring youths  academically into succeeding limelight.

 Thirdly, Honorable Kunle Sanyaolu Olowoopejo has a concrete plan in making adequate provision for all Heath centres within Egbe-Idimu axis. Free medical attention to both men and women especially pregnant women and the immunization treatment for all children. There will also be maximum support from health international bodies such as UNESCO, UNICEF and WHO e.t.c. to promote the health status of all the masses within Egbe-Idimu axis.

  Conclusively,  I sincerely assure all the masses within Egbe-Idimu local government environment that Honorable Kunle Sanyaolu Olowoopejo would successfully utilize all his productive experience,capability and capacity to standardize the growth and development of Egbe-Idimu environment.

At this chapter, we should charge ourselves to jealously utilize our credited voters card in supporting and also vote in honorable Kunle Sanyaolu Olowoopejo as our distinctive Chairman at Egbe-Idimu LCDA for the betterment of all masses within Egbe-Idimu environment .

 “Itesiwaju Ilu Eko Ni oo Je Wa Lo gun ”

By : Prince Aduroja Olamijuwonlo David

Online Media Publicity/P.R.O  Egbe-Idimu Chairmanship Election 2017

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