Time For True Democracy

(Last Updated On: July 14, 2017)
  • Nigeria as a country whose socio-cultural, economic and political activities have been a bumpy ride for it masses over 5 decades, needs a revolution. Democracy is by far the most popular form of government in the world today. There is hardly any good leader who does not which to be seen as a true democrat or a regime that does not seek to be described as a democratic. Democracy also holds a strong appeal among the ordinary people. In the last decade, the world has witnessed the emergency of mass organizations in Africa, Asia and Eastern Europe that have risen to demand an end to dictatorial rule or other selfish governmental leadership styles and its replacement with democracy. But then, what exactly is democracy? Is Nigeria truly among the countries that practice democracy to the fullest or the other way round. Since 1999, Nigeria has literally and politically accepted the culture of democracy system, but is still not in our political culture. There are a lot of fundamental human rights that has been abused and deteriorated by both the masses and the leaders.
      Yes, of course!!! “It is not a mistake to make a mistake but it is a great mistake to repeat a mistake”. It will be very ridiculous for Nigerians to fold their hands to allow calamitous histories and governmental errors to finally lead this nation to unlimited doom. This is the high time Nigerians must stand firm on their feet to consciously undergo and practice true democracy system.
    Substantially, Nigeria’s political leaders must understand and their lifestyles must interpret the political quote of the late American legend “Abraham Lincoln –“Democracy is the government of the people by the people and for the people”. Therefore, positive growth and development can’t be easily achieved in a nation without undergoing the rightful system of government that is suitable for that government. That is, acquisition and practicing genuine democracy system of government that is embodied with equal fundamental human rights and obligations of both the leaders and masses regardless of their ethnic groups, religious and political belief. Enough of all the wrongs political cultures that our political leaders has been practicing secretly.
    Embezzlement of public funds in all patterns should be reduced. Continuous salaries and allowances they receive after they left their tenure should put end. Self-centered policy making that gives rooms to corruption in the name of democracy should be eradicated. This is the rightful time of amending our ways into progressive limelight. This is the time for the masses to enjoy the benefit of a true democracy the more. They should begin to live a political problem free lifestyle, sustainable hospitality, profitable employment that could be accounted for should be provided for the youths. Every Nigeria child should benefit stable educational system in a conducive environment. The economic standard and legacy that our freedom fighters built should be restored effectively for the betterment of all masses within and outside the axis of the country.
    While doing these, Nigeria will not only be seen as a true democratic nation but will also serve as source of great mentorship and emblem of great leading nation to those that practise democracy. God bless Nigeria!
    By : Prince Aduroja Olamijuwonlo David, political comentator from Lagos State.

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