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Great philosophies live forever in our minds and continue to guide and direct our affairs long after the creator of such noble philosophies must have passed away. Man’s great task in life is to give birth to himself .But man do not learn very much from lessons of history. Meanwhile, these lessons from history ought to serve as adventure of knowledge to mankind. Indeed, there are two tragedies in life, the first is not to get your heart desires, and the second is to get it. Life is therefore a gamble at terrible odds. Yet an ugly life they say, is preferable to beautiful funeral. Life is a party, but you arrive after it has started and leave before it is finished. There is no door in life that does not open for you that another doesn’t close.

In the voyage through the sea of life, wisdom boat is very essential. With it you have a compass to chat life’s journey while armed with arrows to fight numerous battles in life. Wisdom has built her house, and those that enter and reside therein find great peace to their souls. We, no doubt, are supreme creatures that God armed with wisdom and great reasoning faculties denied other animals. Unfortunately, these rare qualities have so often eluded us. Like a ship with a broken rudder which sail without control in a limitless ocean, we lose bearing in our voyage through the sea of life and find ourselves in troubled waters.

Whenever life becomes unpleasant and things look hopeless, one way out is to always restore hope by reading some of the books which contain the words of God, words of our elders and one of them says “ Perils, misfortunes , want pain and injury  are more or less the certain lot of every man that cometh into the world. As a camel beareth labor, heat, hunger and thirst through deserts of sand and fainted not, so the fortitude man shall sustain him through all perils”

The words of our fathers are words of great wisdom. They carry great counsel, and are indeed speed brakes to our over-speeding vehicles in our journey through this world. Those who want to be wiser cannot afford to shut their ears against them. But in the opinion of the fools, the words of our fathers are trifles that must be discarded. A spoon neither know the taste of a soup nor a fool the taste of wisdom. To the wise men leap to higher planes in life. They show the way to redemption and are warnings against being over ambitious, let us listen to them in obedience and we shall not count our chickens before the eggs are hatched.

Before a man can perceive the odor of himself, he must have gone almost completely decomposed. Yes, it is true that we do not know when we are going astray except we have wise elders who draw our attention to our flaws in life. What is more, we must have good brains that absorbs words of advice to be able to re-adjust ourselves appropriately. Our fathers have always said their words of wisdom in proverbs, the palm oil with which words are eaten to safeguard us against dangers which abound in the world we live. The precious words seems to be entering our heads through one ear and going out through the other ear like breeze blowing through the key hole of a door without stopping for a moment. We have not been able to make our lives trouble-proof because of our tongue that is sharper than the devil’s sword, our actions that are as distasteful as the plantain sap and our Malice that is more corrosive than acid.

The saying of our fathers are safety valves to the problems of those of us who hears them and live our live according to the pieces of advice they give. Good pieces of advice are as precious as silver and gold while bad ones could constitute bottomless pit to those who receive them without caution. Those of us who block our ears against them often end up our lives in blind alley. If a child refuses to hear his voice of plea, when he comes face to face with it. We should never refuse the call of wise elders for their advice can only lead us to the liberation from the shackles of spiritual and physical discomfort. The ages in the store house of experience and ought to be heard and followed by re-appraisal of the society and ourselves for the purpose of making our crooked ways straight. To know how to grow old is the master work of wisdom and one of the most difficult chapters in the great act of living. To be able to live long on this land that is given to us by God, we must keep the words of our fathers for they are words of great wisdom. The man who does not read good books has no advantage over the man who cannot read at all.

God has filled man with the supreme qualities than all other living creatures. Top on the list of such attributes is wisdom which has enabled man to live a better life than the lower animals. When wisdom and truth enter the Centre of man’s life, he will be filled with joy and he will be given the sense to stay away from evil ones. With wisdom, your quiver is filled with arrows to fight battles of all odds in life. You have a compass with which to chat your course of life’s journey rightly.

You have the staff that will keep from falling when you walk on slippery ground. You have the bright light that will make you see through dark valleys of death without harm coming upon you.

Man is a genius. He is also diabolical animal. There is yet nothing of joy a man invents that he does not simultaneously seek to you against himself. Man is diabolical in thought and deeds. Let us in simple obedience and prayer seek God to grant us the serenity to accept the things we cannot change. The courage to change the things we can change and the wisdom to know the difference in our voyage through the sea of life. Like the tower of pizza which tilt at an angle since it was built in 1773, man can go on well in his voyage through the sea of life with words of wisdom irrespective of life’s daily challenges.

By Prince Aduroja Olamijuwonlo David

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