Developing Your Capacity

(Last Updated On: July 17, 2017)

CAREER TALK: Developing Your Capacity 

Author :Williams-Johnson Motunrayo.
Monday,17th July,2017.
Capacity could be the extent of your coverage in your sphere of influence. Capacity is the ability to perform or produce. Capacity could be the power of receiving and holding ideas,knowledge e.t.c; the comprehensiveness;the receptive faculty;the capability to Understand or feeling.As an individual, wife,mother, employer,employee you need to be desirous to be a better person and to come out with a new version in all that you do.For you to remain relevant,you need to be open to learning.We all don’t have the same capacity.
(A) Spiritual Capacity
(Be kingdom minded, praying, fasting, reading the word of God)
(B) Mental capacity
(C) Career capacity (your profession)
(D) Marital capacity(family life).
Tips for developing your capacity.
1. Developing solving skills.
2. Have a broad mind and be receptive to ideas.
3. Be determined to develop your capacity.
4. Develop documentation skills and rise above oral arrangement.
5. Don’t run away from situation or crisis(I derive happiness in helping people out of their challenges,I always see it as an opportunity to learn)
6. Put yourself under definite deadlines in all you do and continue to raise the bar
7. Be discipline
8. Plan ahead of your future
9. Do it now and not later(procrastination)
10.Be Educated on how to commercialise the skills you have
11. Make an impact always
12. Do not limit yourself to a platform,it helps you to increase your capacity.
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