(Last Updated On: July 31, 2017)

Five Nights Of Glory, Of  God Of Holy Spirit Church  is an attempt to reach 70%of the population of the church. This prophetic vigil service is not just for God of Holy Spirit  Church members, ;every youth in Nigeria is welcome.


It is obvious that every thing is failing in the world today,people are chanting for a major significant supernatural change.This conference shall be graced by thousands of youths drawn from various parts of the world.


The prophetic hour is christened PROPHETIC INVASION  of signs and wonders .Date:JULY 31ST, 2ND OF AUGUST,4TH, 7TH, AND 9TH OF AUGUST, 2017. N:B Between 10:pm to 1am. This PROPHETIC 5 NIGHTS OF GLORY promises to raise and unfold great  signs and wonders.


God’s Generals ,shall be ministering ,men like Prophet Oba Majesty, The Spiritual Head, Prophet Ade Emi and other invited  great men of God.


Guest artists includes Evangelist Michael a.k.a Omo Mary, Church of Holy Spirit host choir. 

FIVE NIGHTS OF GLORY,PROPHETIC INVASION  is an answer to posterity,revival and destiny. This is one  of the largest charismatic programs set aside by Oba Majesty. For great deliverance.  It is not tension driven, but focus driven. It is a must for every youth and old men and women who is curious to live a progressive and successful life .A particular session shall be designated for cultural praise,hot line intercession,choral competition etc it is time to move in  to God’s domain  inorder to obtain grace for the rest.


I therefore urge every one  to attend this conference as we rise from mediocrity to stardom.

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