“Letter To Beautiful Mothers In The World”- Oluwatosin Aduroja

 Dear beautiful mothers,

Happy Mother’s Day to all the beautiful mother’s in the world.

I hope you are celebrated by your spouses, partners, children, boyfriend’s, loved one’s

I hope your kids are old enough and can understand the hard work you’re putting in to make them become great kids

I hope you get a sweet handmade card or craft from school.

I hope the people who love you see you and shower you with lots of attention.

I hope your children give you an extra hug, sweet snuggles, and plenty of smiles.

There is no one like you in your child’s life.

You are a momma. You are so very special and important and powerful.

 you and sending you lots of Hugs .

Say to yourself I am a SUPER MOM and raising Kings and Queens.

Credit: Tosin’s Journal

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