Inspirational Message: Who told you the other side is better? By Mrs Motunrayo Williams-Johnson

(Last Updated On: April 30, 2018)

What is the other side?

Who is in the other side?

Who created the other side?

Literally, ‘Other side’ means ‘Opposite’

This is a free world, and you are at liberty to choose any of the other side irrespective of any situation or position you may find yourself!

Other side at times might be either right or wrong, good or bad, straight or bend, rich or poor, bright or dark and so on.

I noticed something in recent times when the construction of Oshodi/Agege motor road started and my experience while on Okunola/ Orelope roads. There is always a war or battle of the mind on the route to follow each time we go out and i discovered people would say this road is not good, the other side is better but the following morning when you decide to alter, one will discover each road has its peculiar challenge, so do not conclude that where you are is bad because you never can tell what is happening on the other side.
Stay with your husband, you never can predict what becomes of your intending husband. My wife is bad, continue to manage her. Nobody is perfect among us.
Coming from Rotary meeting Friday last week, we discovered Egbeda was blocked from Okunola and we decided to turn only for us to be trapped down as a result of the ongoing work by value paint. while there,we were thinking, lamenting, regretting our choice of passing the route but only God knew what was happening on the other side.
Many of us are good at comparing our husbands, friends, systems, family, etc not knowing each has its peculiarity.
Unfortunately, people on the other side do not relate the exact version of what they were going through except for few of us who believed by sharing with people.Thus,they would learn and not repeat the same mistakes.


(1)No perfect situation

(2)Accept what you have

(3)Learn to manage people and system

(4)See the situation as a phase that is temporal

(5)Be positive minded

(6)Be happy always because it’s a natural therapy that heals one.

(7) Be of help to others in any situation you find yourself.

(8) Smile is a beautiful garments, wear it every moment

(9) Always be very objective in your approach

(10) Leave an exemplary life of modest.

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