“Mr President is 100% Healthy, there is no cause for alarm” Femi Adesina says, refuses to disclose the type of ailment,

(Last Updated On: May 8, 2018)


Special Assistant to President Buhari on Media and Publicity, Femi Adesina, says president Buhari’s planned visit to his doctor in the UK today May 8th, should not cause any alarm as the president is 100% healthy. Speaking in an interview with Channels TV this morning, Adesina said

”The president is going to London just for a medical review. He will be away for four days and back to the country by the grace of God on Saturday May 12th.”.

Asked if there is any guaratee President Buhari will only be staying away for four days, considering the fact that his previous medical appointments dragged for more than 2 months, Adesina said

”When you talk of guarantee, man cannot guarantee anything, not even life because somebody can be here in the morning and gone in the afternoon. So in terms guarantee, nobody can guarantee anything. But in terms of the health of Mr. President, I will say there is no cause for alarm because he is up and about. He is doing his duties and what he is going for is a review. We all need that from time to time. There is nobody that is 100% healthy. He will leave today and come back on Saturday as planned by like I have said, it is only God that has the final authority on things but all things being equal, Mr President will be back on Saturday”.

When he was asked to react to a quote President Buhari made in 2015 questioning Nigerian leaders that travel abroad for medical attention or review when they can fix the hospitals back home, Adesina said

”I have seen the quote myself but I have not been able to authenticate it and I doubt if that was ever came form Mr. President. Anything can be created on social media today. At the time when he reportedly said that at the Chatam house, I had not started to work with him.

 Asked what manner of ailment President Buhari is going for review, Adesina said

”That is something personal. The fact that a man is the president does not remove his rights and priviledges to privacy. So unless Mr President comes out voluntarily to tell the country what he is being treated for…even his medical doctor cannot disclose his medical condition”.

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