Lagos state government set to honour Fela Anikulapo Kuti’s 79th posthumous birthday, OLAMONDNAIJA

Lagos State Government has announced plans to honour late Afrobeat legend, Fela Anikulapo-Kuti, as the week-long activities marking his 79th posthumous birthday and the 20th anniversary of his death draw near..

In a statement issued by the State’s Commissioner for Information and Strategy, Steve Ayorinde, the Government said the honour is in line with Governor Akinwunmi Ambode’s commitment to promote art and tourism and to celebrate iconic figures in politics, economics and culture sectors who have contributed to the image and development of Lagos State.

According to the Commissioner, Governor Ambode will on Sunday, October 15, 2017, unveil a statue in Fela’s memory at the Allen Roundabout in Ikeja.

The Governor will also pay a visit to the Kalakuta Museum on Gbemisola Street, Ikeja where he will join family and Fela devotees in homage to the music icon. The day will be rounded off with a Special Lagos Jump – a musical tribute to the man affectionately called “Abami Eda” – at the Afrika Shrine in Agidingi, Ikeja to draw the curtain on the 2017 edition of Felabration.

According to Ayorinde, “Fela did not only capture the global audience as a charismatic and energetic musician using Lagos as his base; he was revered for fighting against corruption and oppression even at the risk of imprisonment or death. His creativity, courage, passion and extraordinary ability to rise against the odds are trademarks of a true Lagosian”.

‘Fela is a global icon and one of the biggest success stories from Lagos. Monuments are erected across the State to remember the contributions of people like him to preserve their legacies and our history as a people’.

Standing at 25 feet and titled ‘Liberation’, the statue is done in fibreglass by artist Abolore Sobayo of Cowrie Studios as ‘an iconic legacy to celebrate Fela’s unique dress sense and style of salute’.

Davido finally releases official press statement on Tagbo’s death

Few days ago, Davido reacted to reports to the reports trailing him, over the controversies surrounding Tagbo’s death, and he promised to release a statement soon, with evidences.

..and it looks like the singer, wasn’t joking one bit, as he has finally released a press statement including CCTV evidences.

The singer in his statement debunked claims that he told his driver and friends to “dump” Tagbo’s body and also stated that Tagbo did not step a foot into Davido’s car at any time.

Read the statement below;

“Wizkid will know No Peace Until He Confesses How He Killed Tagbo” – Davido’s Die Hard Fan says on Twitter

A die hard fanatic of Davido, has on Twitter, alleged that the “murderer” behind Davido’s late friends is the singer’s music competition, Wizkid.

According to the troll, who apparently, opened a new account, @davido_fanpage_ to defame the singer, he alleged that Wizkid killed Davido’s friends so as to bring him down and all. The fan went all out in raining curses at the singer, saying he will die of AIDS and rot in hell.

Ever since the demise of Davido’s friends, Wizkid hasn’t reacted to the reports but released a track One More Drink, which obnoxious people think may have a thing to do with the death of Tagbo, cause his death was alcohol related.

“There’s more to his death, we will ensure that the truth of the matter comes to light” Tagbo’s family releases official statement

The Family of a friend of Davido and actress Caroline Danjuma’s lover, Tagbo Umeike, has released an official statement, concerning his death and all the controversies it’s generated. The statement released by Mrs Araka on behalf of the family, says recent development have shown that there is more to the death of their son and that they would ensure that the truth of the matter comes to light. Read the statement below…

“We, the family of Tagbo Ifeatuchukwu Umeike, received the shocking news of the passing of our brother on October 3 at about 8:55p.m., several hours after his demise. Since his passing, there have been several stories making the rounds, especially on social media, regarding Tagbo’s personality and the circumstances concerning his death. For a family that is trying to come to terms with the passing of their loved one, some disparaging and unfounded comments and statements about his personality and life, especially from individuals who did not even know Tagbo, have been received with a lot of sadness.

“Tagbo looked out for everyone and had a big heart; he was a friend to all and loved by many. Evidence received so far suggests that there is more to his death and we, as a family, will ensure that the truth regarding the circumstances of his passing will be brought to light. At this point, we will like to thank the Lagos State Police Force, led by Acting Police Commissioner, Imohimi Edgal, for their diligence and professionalism in carrying out their investigation. We are pleased to say that we now have a clearer picture of the events leading up to Tagbo’s untimely demise. As it is an ongoing investigation, we are unable to disclose any further information, but suffice to say the truth will come out! We would like to kindly ask that the print media and blogs covering this story refrain from printing hearsay and fabrications and stick to the facts, while respecting that the family is grieving.” he said

“Best year of my life” – Peter Okoye says As He Shares New Photos

According to the recent photo shared by now, Mr. P, Peter Okoye says this year is the best year of his life.

And you may be wondering why… Well, for one he has been over the past weeks, touring cities in the United States, which means “Bank Alerts” for him yeah.

Two, brand endorsements – while we know the singer has a couple endorsements with major brands like Olympic Milk and co, of which he just might be renewing, we know of the latest he has with The Pedini Bosch and… guess his bank alert is becoming “gbagaun” now abi ?

Three, he signed a distribution deal with EMPIRE, a well known and even verified on IG, distributor of musical contents.

Four, errrmmm… maybe, just maybe y’all, I’m not insinuating anything, he’s happy with his split with his twin bro… probably the breakthrough he’s been looking for for a while you know.

So the year just might have been great for him…

ENTERTAINMENT GIST ON OLAMONDNAIJA| “Being a woman is beyond having a pu**y, big booms and bum” – Actress Lizzy Anjorin

Nigerian actress, Lizzy Anjorin, has penned down a deep, lengthy and inspiring piece on the definition of a woman as well as the worth of a woman.

The beautiful yoruba actress who has recently been gaining major space in millions of hearts across the globe, disclosed that having a pu**y, big boobs and big bum isn’t what should define a woman.

She wrote:

Treat me like a queen that I’m and I’ll treat you like a king. But if you treat me like a game, I’ll show you how it’s played. I treat every man like a king and every woman like a Queen, trying to shove my face in the mold will only bring out the demon in me, be warned and be guided!!‎
Some women may decided to table themselves as a slave, that’s not my concern though… As a real woman, you have to table what you have Mentally, spiritually and physically because what we need as a woman is beyond Pussy, big bum and big boobs, all you need is your senses and your pride. You do not need to fight for front row or rub shoulders with men, when you are eloquent and smart, they will reserve your chair/place in front row. When you are not active people will say please don’t worry about her but when you are eloquent they will say please keep her share because she’s a monster..
You must be a good reader and smart observant as woman; when you are in a middle of a conversation, don’t be looking down and be nodding your head like a lizard, you need to talk sense and be clever.. Smartness and being clever, makes women get attracted to men easily than physique.. Every man deserves a Queen that can defend him in his absentia and every child deserves a good mother that will protect the family’s name.. Only a good woman can build a nation, though the bad ones will be there trying to pull it down behold, the name of the good woman will be written bold on the tomb and the name of the ones trying to bring it down will be nowhere to be found.

BREAKING Autopsy reveals that Tagbo died from suffocation, Davido lied, re-invited for questioning

The Lagos State Police have said that Tagbo Umeike, the late friend of Popular Nigerian singer, Davido, died from suffocation.

Acting Police Commissioner Imohimi Edgal stated this at a briefing on this afternoon (Wednesday) where he announced that Davido has been re-invited for questioning.

According to Edgal, the original autopsy report revealed that Tagbo died of suffocation, adding that he was abandoned in his car at the hospital by Davido’s driver and two of his friends.

Edgal said Davido has been reinvited for questioning because he lied that he only knew of the Tagbo’s demise while he was at a night club, DNA in Victoria Island, a claim that has been found to be untrue.

Photos: A village in Nassarawa state where 80% of children don’t go to school or know their birthdays

The founder of Ace Charity, Kiki James recently visited Piyanko village, a community close to the Federal Capital Territory, for a medical outreach and discovered that 80% of children there have not seen a classroom neither do they know their age.

See her post below..

Photos: A village in Nassarawa State where 80% of children in NASSARAWA

To celebrate Hushpuppi’s birthday, Tonto Dikeh writes ‘Love You Papi’ and he responds

Today is Hushpuppi’s birthday and he got quite a sweet and suggestive birthday message from Nollywood actress and mother of one, Tonto Dikeh.

She took to Instagram to write, ‘Happy birthday Zaddy @hushpuppi. Wish you all the amazing things you wish yourself & more. I celebrate you darling for who you are.Love you Papi,Have an amazing day’.

And he responded saying, ‘thanks so much darling’.

To celebrate Hushpuppi

Tonto dind’t stop there, she also reposted the birthday cake he got from Gucci store in Dubai with several love-struck emojis. Already dating rumors are beginning to trail the duo but LIB cannot independently confirm it.

To celebrate Hushpuppi

Before and after photo of Austin Jay Jay Okocha and his nephew, Alex Iwobi

On Saturday, Alex Iwobi’s 73rd minute goal against Zambia sent Nigeria to Russia 2018 World Cup. He’s pictured here with his uncle and legendary soccer star, Jay Jay Okocha.

Kenya man stabs wife To Death In Belgium After She Filed For Divorced [PHOTO]

A Belgium-based Kenyan man, identified as James Ololo has been arrested after allegedly killing his wife, Elizabeth Wafula Ololo.

kenyan man stabs wife

According to a Belgian newspaper HLN, the 55-year-old man drove to his wife’s house to plead with her to terminate a court case in which she applied for divorce.

James Ololo then refused to leave the residence, engaging in a fight with her and ended up stabbing her multiple times.

Neighbors who informed police of the incident and got him arrested said James Ololo has been engaging in frequent domestic confrontation with the deceased, contributed mostly by alcohol and infidelity.

kenyan man stabs wife

A prosecutor in charge of the region where Elizabeth was living said James Ololo grabbed a knife and stabbed Wafula several times after a quarrel ensued.

“The victim ultimately succumbed to her injuries,” Gilles Blondeau added.
James Ololo and a friend known as Simeon Situma founded a company Kenya Experts Community a few years ago to assist Kenyans relocating to Belgium to establish businesses.

“Parents emotionally abuse their kids too” – Toke Makinwa wades In On Emotional Abuse

Author and Media Personality, Toke Makinwa who recently broke silence on serious allegations that she’s involved in an affair with a septuagenarian, has taken to micro-blogging website, Twitter to wade in on emotional abuse.

toke makinwa’s emotional abuse

Toke in a series of tweets, disclosed that she wants to raise awareness on the topic as it is usually overlooked.

She wrote:

“I had a chat on my show about emotional abuse yesterday and I have made up my mind to raise awareness on this topic… read next tweets

When people hear emotional abuse they are quick to think man/woman dynamic but do you know parents emotionally abuse their kids too

You hear how some parents talk down on their children, the harsh words used to correct them, magnifying their weakness and in some cases

Some mothers take the frustration of the fathers out on their kids, some fathers in a bid to get back at their wives do the same

You hear of a man divorcing his wife and out of bitterness inflicts the pain on his children, he doesn’t pay school fees….

The woman also out of bitterness of the father leaving takes her anger out on the children words like “you are useless like your father” …

Even in work places, a boss uses his position to talk down at everyone, emotional abuse is not restricted to love relationships alone
Sometimes the perpetrators don’t even know it.

There’s a cycle of my parents raised me that way and I didn’t die therefore my kids won’t too

Some of us were raised in hostile homes, mummy and daddy’s mood determined the general mood in the house

When they fight you dare not come of your room or ask for anything, sometimes you blame yourself for why your parents hate each other

They won’t separate because of what the society would say but the children go thru hell and endure the result of the bad choices they made
That child now grows up and if help is not given goes on to be abusive in his own relationship too.

It’s a Cycle we must break
I know of a man who doesn’t take care of his own son cos in his words “she trapped me”. Like that’s your child!!!!!”

Five arrested In India over Assault On Nigerian Student

Police in the Indian capital Delhi have arrested five people after a video circulated showing what appears to be a mob severely beating a Nigerian man.

five arrested

They have also detained the Nigerian, whom some residents accused of theft.

The video shows four or five men using sticks to beat a man of African appearance who has been tied to a post.
There was a spate of attacks on African nationals living in India last year, including one in which a Congolese man was beaten to death in Delhi.

Police said the latest incident happened on 24 September, and the Nigerian victim was also arrested due to a theft allegation.

A resident of the Savitri Nagar neighbourhood claimed the man broke into his house and tried to steal valuables from his room, police said.

“It is a case of attempted burglary. Those living in the house got alerted. They caught him and beat him up,” Dependra Pathak, chief spokesperson of the Delhi Police told the Press Trust of India news agency.
In March, five Nigerian students were attacked by crowds, while another was beaten by a mob inside a shopping mall living in Noida, near Delhi.

Six months ago, African ambassadors in India criticised the government for not doing enough to stop a string of alleged racist attacks on Africans in Delhi.

Culled from

Gucci gifts Hushpuppi a Gucci-branded cake as he celebrates his birthday today

Malaysian-Based Nigerian Big Boy, Hushpuppi, who became a viral sensation for flaunting his luxurious lifestyle on Social Media, has revealed he’s received a Gucci-Branded care from the Gucci store in Dubai.

He shared photos of the cake and wrote; “Thanks so much @gucci for this special. God bless you guys at the Dubai Mall Gucci Store!!!”

Gucci gifts Hushpuppi

Gucci gifts Hushpuppi

Gucci gifts Hushpuppi

The big boy is currently in Dubai, and of recent, he shared photos of his luxurious shopping at a Dubai Mall, where he tagged himself as a “Billionaire Gucci Master”

He showed off his porter, who trolled his handful Gucci bags, as he posed beside him and another marketer from the store.

Busty lady without bra dances seductively with Orezi on stage in a club (PHOTOS)

A braless Nigerian Lady came out on stage to dance seductively for Nigerian Singer, Orezi, while he was performing at DJ Xclusive all white party.

Busty lady without bra dances

Orezi shared the video on his instagram page and wrote on the caption;

Fan love … I love my fans .. I just love her white SCARF


The tempo and the mood got wild as Alhaji Orezi reached into the crowd to pull up this shorty in white, who forgot her bra at home and carried her perky tips in front of her as she twerked, dance and twirled for the singer and the energetic audience who egged her on at DJ Xclusive all white party.