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20 Courses You Should Avoid Studying in Nigeria Today

No course is useless, but some may keep you from the dream life in Nigeria.

It’s no longer news that education is now expensive in Nigeria.
As such you can no longer afford the risk of picking the wrong course to study at the university. After giving you the best courses to study in Nigeria, based on the probability of employment in Nigeria, here are the courses you shouldn’t even bother to consider. Read carefully as Olamond Naija writes .

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Nigeria doesn’t have job opportunities for historians. We don’t even teach history in secondary schools. The chances of ending up in a totally different trajectory after receiving your degree are very high, so spare yourself the heartbreak and leave the past in the past tense.


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You could be employed as a translator for a public figure, a private figure or a local church. There are worse fates.


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Doctors and nurses have a better shot at working in hospitals than someone with an anatomy degree, and most still don’t get jobs. In the end, you’ll most likely become an educator, and you know how well we pay teachers in Nigeria.


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So you went to school to learn how to think and use fancy words like “altruism”? How did Aristotle and Socrates make money back in the day? That’s the key to your career prospects.

Social Works

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No amount of sweet-talking should ever convince you to study this unless you have solid japa plans. If not, it’s just very wild to study social work in a country like Nigeria that doesn’t have any job opportunities for it. They still teach social studies in schools though, so maybe there’s a link there.

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Many music superstars in Nigeria today either didn’t complete uni or didn’t even bother to enter it. They didn’t have to study music to make money, so who are you? Please, consider your choices carefully.

Political Science

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If your goal was to understand Nigeria’s politics, then congratulations, you’ll be fully confused once you’re a few classes in. You have a long way to go before you get the kind of position and income you want. If you start when you’re 20 years old, you can start thinking of the presidential seat when you’re 65 years old.

Religious Studies

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You really took Sunday school lessons to heart? At least, your pastor or imam will be proud of you. And when all else fails, you can always launch your own religious centre.

Human Kinetics

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You’ll leave school looking fit. And besides going into modelling, there’s not much for you in this industry. Or does “fitness coach” sound nice to you? Because you’ll answer it a lot.


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Aesthetics have such a cool vibe, and we can’t talk about it without speaking of gardening. But the chances of buying a Tesla with this course in Nigeria are slim. You may need to sell a million flowerpots first.

Water Engineering

If you already have an admission for this, please, switch to electrical engineering or something to make your Nigerian parents proud.

Forestry and Wildlife

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While zoologists, veterinary doctors and animal scientists handle animals, what exactly do you do? To avoid stories that touch, just dead this idea.

Educational Technology

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A future as a school principal and educator isn’t so bad. You get to impact lives every day. But will you be able to escape hand-to-mouth living?

Home Economics

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At least, you’ll be properly equipped to be a good stay-at-home parent. But this course is strictly for people destined to marry rich partners. How do you make a career in home economics?

 Hospitality and Tourism

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You’ll become a tour guide and then ask yourself if you really needed to go to school for four years just to do it. Quick advice? Don’t do it.

Peace and Conflict Resolution

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What does one become upon graduating? A peacemaker? Nigerians don’t even care for peace.

Library Information Science

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There aren’t enough libraries in Nigeria for you to get a spot if you graduate with this course. The only path here is as an administrative staff in most offices.

Aquaculture and Fisheries

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Aside from rearing and selling fish, what will you do with this course?


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This one isn’t that bad. It’s just that most Nigerians are past the stage of therapy to needing exorcisms. It would also be wild to learn psychology from a lecturer who needs therapy the most, as most lecturers in Nigeria do.

Guidance and Counselling

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Do you really want to spend the rest of your life counselling people out of problems and helping them figure out their own lives? Let’s rephrase, do you really want to do this with children and teenagers with a million and one juvenile issues while earning less than teachers in Nigeria?

Depending on how you apply it, some of these courses may end up making you a success. But you’ll most likely need an advanced degree. You could try tech courses too. The ball is in your court.