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Aside Your Unique talent, finding the right link and team work keep a good artiste moving forward’ – Fresh Aloma speaks with Olamond Naija

Hello Olamond  Naija’s readers! How well do you really know about Nigeria’s top famous and successful  entertainers ?

I mean their family background, challenges, secrecy, and testimonies. Enjoy as you read about One of the finest Nigerian music artiste, Fresh Aloma

Versatile music artiste, Yusuf Idris amoto also known as Fresh Aloma is originally from kogi state adavi local government area. The Mic King also have some youthful growth in Lagos, mainland Alimosho.

Fresh Aloma attended kogi state university faculty of social science department of economic . He Graduated 2018. He’s a prolific realtor . He works with PWAN real estate and also a versatile music artist.


Exclusive Interview Session:
At what point did you discover that singing is the career you want to pursue?

I’ve always have passion for music from my tender age, love vibes and entertainment. Like no dull moment with fresh Aloma.
My music career started fully in 2023 after my breakthrough in asaba, delta state. I’ve always love music and have passion for entertainment at large and am coming out strong and preserved.

Tell us how the audition days and early age when struggling for studio bookings were, how frustrating and challenging were those days?

Hmm ! Talking about the audition years like we still hustling it till now
Honestly, I am still trying to find my way into the industry as I look up to the likes of olamide and burna boy.

One thing I understand about the music industry and what I have learnt so far, Its to make yourself valuable that all your words and movement count. In order to achieve this, you need to first make money. So, I’m still in my growing stage as a soon to be music star artists. So you don’t look like a hungry artist which everyone will take advantage of his talent.

This situation where your music is going viral as the street hit or anthem yet the artist is not benefiting from the royalty. I want to be the new change in the Nigeria music industry . I mean to be unique , preserved and versatile.

Facing the crowd on stage as a music artist is another issue on its own, how did you overcome the fears, if you were nervous at first?

Facing the crowd is not new to me as am not a shy person. I used to do MC for shows those years and I am also a hypeman. Let me just say I am a versatile entertainer. Crowd no dey fear me at all.

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Which song was your first hit track and was it a viral song that trend for longer period of time?

My first hit song is still my first single ‘billies ways’
Apparently, It is not trending as I expected so that’s why am begging Nigeria to carry me trabaye. More promotion gonna come through on it soonest.
I release my first single titled Billie ways. In the year 2023.

If you’re not into music , tell us other profession you would have dab into ? And why ?

To be candid if I wasn’t into music I would have dabbled in to real estate business fully . Although, I’m still a realtor . I’m a business minded person who knows how to make value of every given opportunity .

Are you under a record label deal presently ? If not tell us why ?

No record lebel yet but praying for olamide to recognize me as his the only person I believe that can help me achieve my career goal in the music industry.

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What has been your biggest challenge in music industry ?

Insecurity at Music concert is a parochial issue. Most of the time, we music artistes do face harassment from hoodlums and streets boys . This do happens after showing performances when we are about Leaving the stage or leaving the venue that we were called to perform.

Tell us about your new song project that is coming out soon?

Yes, you right am working on my EP yet to be completed. But I will keep your guys updated. Just keep your beautiful fingers across.

What advice would you give other fast rising music artists?

Finding the right link and team to work with also matters because some people are hypocrite.
Keep your hopes Alive and never give up on your dream if you dream it you can achieve it.