Home Music Dice Ailes gets personal about “Dicey Baba” music video

Dice Ailes gets personal about “Dicey Baba” music video

Dice Ailes gets personal about "Dicey Baba" music video

But before the video landed, Dice took some time to answer some burning questions about the concept, inspiration, and the production process behind the music video.

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Dice Ailes gets personal about “Dicey Baba” music video

Dice’s bi-cultural background shines through in “Dicey Baba.” “Growing up in a bi-national household exposed me to a ton of cultural diversity,” he says

While acknowledging his closer connection to his Yoruba roots due to spending most of his formative years in Lagos and Toronto, he emphasises his Ghanaian heritage is still very much a part of him.

This is reflected in the video’s visuals. Fans can expect to see the Nigerian and Ghanaian flags displayed prominently, along with the appearance of the Lagos Eyo Masquerade, a symbol deeply tied to Dice’s Yoruba background.

The “Dicey Baba” video promises high-octane action, and rumors of Dice himself performing daring stunts have been swirling. Dice confirms his hands-on approach, stating, “I avoid CGI and prefer to do my own stunts whenever possible. It creates a more realistic experience for the fans.”

He describes the challenging mountain scene filmed at a frigid -6 degrees Celsius in Toronto. Dedication to capturing the perfect sunrise for the desired mood pushed Dice and the crew to their limits.

But that wasn’t all. The idea of hanging out of a helicopter while performing with a megaphone originated from Dice’s own vision. “It was a risky concept,” he admits, “but securing permits and collaborating with a skilled film crew and stunt coordinators made it happen.”

The use of a ram and Lagos masquerades in the video goes beyond mere aesthetics. “The goats,” Dice explains, “symbolise my influence on the new generation of Afrobeats artists, both in sound and fashion. I see myself as one of the ‘GOATS’ in the game.”

The Eyo Masquerade serves as a tribute to Dice’s Lagos roots and Yoruba heritage. “The image,” he says, “brings back strong childhood memories. It’s about preserving my culture through art.”

A Vision Realised

Dice took the director’s chair for “Dicey Baba,” working alongside a team of experts to bring his vision to life. The result? A music video exceeding anything he’s done before in terms of production value. “This is by far the most expensive music video I’ve produced,” he reveals.

The wait is over for the fans. The “Dicey Baba” music video drops this Today, Friday, the 27th. Get ready for a visually stunning celebration of Dice Ailes’ artistry, heritage, and dedication to pushing boundaries.