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“I discovered my music talent when Wizkid dropped his first song” – Sammiehyper

I discovered singing when wizkid dropped his first song . That’s a hit

Sammiehyper @olamondnaijatv

Introduce yourself,  name, state of origin,  educational background,  occupation

My name is Samuel Adekoyejo . I’m from ondo state . I’m a Nigerian music artist and a videographer I’m 26 years old . I live in Lagos Nigeria.

How did you get into the ever competitive Nigeria music industry?

I got to know about the  ever competitive true olamond naija tv a renowned media company

At what point did you discover that singing  is the career you want to pursue?

I discovered singing when wizkid  dropped his first song . That’s a hit .

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Sammiehyper @olamondnaijatv

Tell us how the audition days and early age when struggling for studio bookings were, how frustrating and challenging were those days?
   It was very  challenging because I was still in school and there was no money . As At then , I and my friend had to work to the studio 30min away from where l live .

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Sammiehyper @olamondnaijatv

Facing the crowds on stage as a music artist is another issue on its own, how did you overcome the fears, if you were nervous at first?

I just have to stop being nervous . Facing the reality with genuine readiness for greatness in the line of duty as a music artist.

Which song  was your first song and was it a viral song that trend for longer period of time?

Bad vibes was a viral song and it was my first song . I have other songs that are also doing amazing well.

Since you started singing, have you landed any big stage  with other music stars. Tell us how the event  went?

I have been on the same stage with     Rugar and some other popular artists . I pray for better days and better opportunities.

If you’re not into music , tell us other profession you would have dab into ?

I love acting movies. It’s something I am still gonna give a try later or sooner .

Are you under a record label deal presently ? If not tell us why ?

I’m not in a record label because I have not seen the right label that suit my taste.


Tell us about your new song project that is coming out soon?

Have a new song called Free

What has been your biggest challenges in music industry ?

My biggest challenge in music industry will be , how I present my music to the world I’m always trying to do something better than my last songs

What advice would you give other fast rising music artists?

    Keep pushing