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I will never split bills 50/50 with my wife – IK Osakioduwa

IK Osakioduwa [instagram/IK Osakioduwa]

He also explained that when his wife assists him financially he always refunds her as quickly as he can.

The TV show host recently appeared as a guest on the Toke Moments podcast hosted by Toke Makinwa, speaking on his successful career as a media personality. While there, he clarified his stance on financial matters within his marriage to his wife Olohije Osakioduwa, stressing that he doesn’t have his wife paying bills like school fees.

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He said to Toke, “I’m not a big baller and I’m not claiming to be one of those guys who has all the money in the world, but I’m not looking into my wife’s pocket for anything.”

He acknowledged that while there are men who evenly split household bills with their wives, he does not do such.

“I know many guys who are going 50/50 with their wives. I will never ever in my life go 50/50, my wife doesn’t even know how much the kid’s school fees are. She knows but she’s never once had to bring money out to say that she’s paying school fees and she will never,” he stressed.

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