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Iran-Israel War – What we know so far as the Middle East boils again

Iran launched a retaliatory attack against Israel after days of tension between the two nations.

Iran-Israel War - What we know so far as the Middle East boils again

The two countries have a history of clandestine hostile relationships. However, tensions have become more palpable since the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) began its military campaign in Gaza following the October 7, 2023, by Hamas.


According to Israeli figures, not less than 1,170 people were killed in the Hamas attack, and over 200 others were taken hostage by the militants.

In retaliation, Israel launched an offensive campaign in the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip, which has so far resulted in the killing of at least 33,686 people, mostly women and children, according to the territory’s health ministry.

As Israel sought to exact revenge on Hamas, with the help of the United States and other Western allies, Iran had repeatedly threatened to throw itself into the fray.

While some Iran-backed militant groups – majorly Hezbollah in Lebanon and Yemen’s Houthi rebels – have continued to target Israel, there was never a direct attack between the Islamic nation and Israel.

However, all that changed on April 1, 2024, when a deadly air strike on Iran’s consular building in Damascus, Syria, killed 16 people, including two Iranian generals.

Israel was widely blamed for the act of aggression, with Iran repeatedly threatening to hit back despite caution from Washington.

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Iran-Israel War – What we know so far as the Middle East boils again

The Iranian Revolutionary Guard on Saturday confirmed a retaliatory drone attack against Israel was underway, as state media said “drones and missiles” had been launched.

The Israeli military spokesman Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari, in a televised statement, said, “Iran launched UAVs from its territory towards the territory of the state of Israel.

“We are working in close cooperation with the United States and our partners in the region in order to act against the launches and intercept them,” he said.

Earlier, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had declared that Israel was prepared for a direct attack from Iran.


Israel says more than 300 drones and missiles were launched at it from Iran, Iraq and Yemen, with the overwhelming majority of them intercepted before entering Israeli airspace courtesy of a combined effort with US and British air forces.

However, Israel sustained minor damage at its military base in the country’s south, where Iranian missiles hit some targets, though no Israeli fatalities were reported as of the time of filing this report.

“We attacked important military targets of the Zionist army in the occupied territories and succeeded in Striking and Destroying them” the Iranian Revolutionary Guard claimed.