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OLAMOND NAIJA CELEBRITY: Ayo Maff, Biography , Age, Journey, Songs, Origin & Interesting Facts !

AYO MAFF, a fast-rising artiste hailing from the bustling streets of Bariga, Lagos, Nigeria.

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Hello Olamond  Naija’s readers! How well do you really know about Nigeria’s top famous and successful  entertainers ?

I mean their family background, challenges, secrecy, and testimonies. Enjoy as you read about One of the finest Nigeria’s soon to be super star, Ayo Maff !


Ayomide Mafoluku Ayodele, popularly known as ‘Ayo Maff‘ is currently 18years of age as now in 2024 . An indigenous fast rising music artist born and raised in the rural suburbs of Lagos, Nigeria.

Ayo Maff has honed his art by making music from the  consistent happenings in his society and personal experiences as well.

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Consequent to this great music impact, Ayo Maff is on a move to improve on himself and spread his art to all the corners of the earth and to the ears and hearts of those persons who can relate and appreciate his music as well as make a special impact in the music scene on the long run with his sound.

He has over 800k monthly listeners.
Ayo Maff’s story is one of passion, perseverance, and the power of music. Growing up in the rural suburbs of Lagos, he found solace and expression in creating melodies that reflect his society and personal experiences.

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Ayo Maff hit single “Jama Jama” over the period of its release amassed so much plays and acknowledgement from listeners across all digital streaming platforms .

In January 2024, Ayo Maff  released a 2 track project “7 Days / Street Anthem“. 7 Days is a storytelling song about his recent events with police brutality, while Street Anthem is a groovy street bop for the hustlers.

Ayo Maff 3786


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Olamond Naija can categorically tell you that the  soon to be super star, Ayo Maff dropped a single song in which he collaborated with Fire Boy DML tilted the song DEALER

credit : @Musikplug