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Sharon Met Her Soulmate at a Party She Reluctantly Attended 4 Years Ago

Sharon Met Her Soulmate at a Party She Reluctantly Attended 4 Years Ago

Oftentimes, all it takes is making one decision to change the course of our lives forever. Four years ago, Sharon reluctantly agreed to attend a party not knowing that it would lead her to her soulmate, Feyi.

They were introduced by a mutual fried that night and as fate would have it, they crossed paths again a few weeks later. Now, they have caught the love bug and are set for a lifetime of bliss! Their pre-wedding photos are such a breath of fresh air and we can feel the pure love… each frame would surely make your day brighter!

Enjoy their pre-wedding shoot and love story below:

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Sharon Met Her Soulmate at a Party She Reluctantly Attended 4 Years Ago

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How we met
By the bride, Sharon:

We met at a party four years ago. To think I didn’t want to be at that party was crazy lol. God really orchestrates our lives. Anyway, I was standing across his table with a mutual friend who had invited me. He mentioned that his friend admired me and wanted to introduce me. Imagine all the Sass and attitude I had when he asked if he could introduce me. Anyways he did and that was that. While leaving, we bumped into each other at the stairs and he decided to walk my friend and me to the car. He didn’t ask for my phone number which was cool because I didn’t want to get to know anyone at that time. Two weeks later, I was leaving a restaurant with one of my girls crossing the road to where we had parked and I heard someone call my name from across the street.

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I couldn’t remember where I knew the person from so I ignored him and we kept walking. He quickly parked his car and jogged across the street to catch up with us. We were just about to get into the car when I reluctantly stopped. He re-introduced himself from the other night and this time, got my number. We got talking and went on a date. A week later after that date, I knew my life had taken an extraordinary turn. We built a great friendship after a couple of months and now here we are, besties and Inseparable! He is unequivocally the most amazing human being I have ever met. Nothing and no one is perfect but I believe God gives us who perfectly fits our lives.

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