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Simi ‘apologises’ after being called out for wearing a swimsuit to the pool

Singer Simi [Instagram/Symplysimi]


Taking to her Instagram account on July 9, 2024, the singer addressed the issue in a witty manner and apologised for wearing a one-piece swimsuit.

I just came here feeling repentant; yesterday I went to the swimming pool and I wore a swimsuit, guys, and I’m just so sorry,”
Simi began, acknowledging the backlash. “Honestly, I just wasn’t thinking; I didn’t think.”

The singer playfully noted that she would wear a kaftan to the next pool party she attends.

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“My friend told me, ‘Sims, you can’t wear a swimsuit at the pool; you’re married’. I should have known better; I didn’t know better, and I’m sorry. Next time I go to the swimming pool, as a sign of respect to my husband, I will wear a kaftan. I will do better than the best. I don’t want to disappoint you,” she said.

In like fashion, she lightheartedly encouraged her followers and critics to support her music amidst the controversy.

She concluded, “If nothing, please stream my album Lost and Found, because I was lost at the pool and now I’m found.”


Her post raked up equally-witty comments from her fans, followers, and fellow celebrities who played along with her.

Falz wrote, “I cannot believe you. And you’re supposed to be a mother figure.” Singer Teni wrote, “Na damask you for wear,” and media personalityIsbae U commented, “I’m just glad you have learned your lessons. Next time you need to go to a pool, wear Dungarees Abeg or Abaya.”

Some comments Simi received [Instagram/Simplysimi]

All this comes after her video from her friend’s pool party went viral across social media, and in the video, she was seen indulging in a playful trend with other attendees. While many found the video playful and funny, others took note of her one-piece swimsuit and slammed her for exposing her body as a married woman.