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‘Sometimes,there are lots of intimidation in entertainment industry,but someone must stay focus’ Hypeman Showboy Speaks With Olamond Naija

Hypeman Showboy

Hello Olamond  Naija’s readers! How well do you really know about Nigeria’s top famous and successful  entertainers ?

I mean their family background, challenges, secrecy, and testimonies. Enjoy as you read about One of the finest Nigerian Entertainer, Hypeman Showboy.

Versatile entertainer Olusola Elijah popularly known as hypeman showboy aka shortest hypeman started up his music and hype career in Lagos state Nigeria .

Exclusive interview Session:

How did you get into the competitive Nigeria entertainment industry?

I got into the competitive Nigeria entertainment industry when I discovered my talent, although I have many talents to show just like to say I can sing good music and am also a rap star so also I can do professional Mc for all kinds of event.

At what point did you discover that entertainment is the career you want to pursue?

Despite the fact that I don’t discover music talent early because I have my handwork, am an artist I can draw and also a painter, but along the line I discovered I had other talent when I suddenly found myself composing a song .
Afterwards, in 2014 after I had composed many songs and I saw the encouragement from people that one day the song will blow. So , instead of me relenting I came up with the suggestion of being an Mc for events, so ever since then I discovered I can also hype, and I have passion, love and believe for the entertainment industry because I know it can help me for the journey of my life.

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Facing the crowd on stage as a hype man is another issue on its own, how did you overcome the fears, if you were nervous at first?

Truth be told, facing a crowd on stage as a hypeman is another issue on it’s own but base on the passion I have for entertainment, it always gives the moral and the confidence to face the crowd without looking anybody’s face.

Since you started your career as a hype man, have you landed on any big stage with other music stars. Tell us how the event went?

Ever since I started my music career as an hypeman ,I had landed on stage with a lot of big music stars artistes and I always fill like am going to big places”. I mean one day am also going to be a big name in the entertainment industry.

If you’re not into entertainment as a hypeman, tell us other profession you would have dab into ?

If am not into entertainment as an hypeman, my other profession I would like to dab into is to be a good artist and being a painter.

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hypeman showboy

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Is there any personal project in entertainment that you are working on for your fans?

The project in entertainment industry am working on for my fans is to have a big studio for upcoming artistes and also have my own record label.

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What has been your biggest challenges in entertainment industry as a hype man?

My biggest challenge in entertainment industry as an hypeman is that there are so many intimidation envying, jealousy and hatred but on base on the passing and the belief we keep pushing it.

What advice would you give other fast rising entertainers ?

My advice to other entertainers trying to rise up is to tell them never to give up no matter the situation and challenge, they should keep pushing it till when God will finally answer and bless their hustle.