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The road to success is tiny, but we struggle” Versatile Music Artist & Producer, Sammy X speaks with Olamond Naija

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Hello Olamond  Naija’s readers! How well do you really know about Nigeria’s top famous and successful  entertainers ?

I mean their family background, challenges, secrecy, and testimonies. Enjoy as you read about One of the finest music producer & music artiste, Sammy X.

Obaremi Samuel also known as Sammy X
Born in Ogun state and brought up in Abeokuta to be precised

Sammy X is a graduate and studied Computer Science .
A musical artiste and music producer.


At what point did you discover that singing is the career you want to pursue?

I discovered myself from my primary school days where we used to sing and dance stage play appearance ,i do represent my school in dancing competitions also and this reflected in my secondary school days till this moment.

Tell us how the audition days and early age when struggling for studio bookings were, how frustrating and challenging were those days?

Yes, studio bookings was the major challenge I faced back then while growing up . It’s not easy been a growing up musical artist back then because I was doing the whole thing myself .

Facing the crowd on stage as a music artist is another issue on its own, how did you overcome the fears, if you were nervous at first?

I don’t really feel nervous at the first moment I faced huge crowd in a music concert.
I’m a confident and outspoken person who is always expressive of himself. I’m socially grounded to relate with people, so I have never had fright online fear when it comes to facing crowd.

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Which song was your first hit track and was it a viral song that trend for longer period of time?

My first hit song is Party Scatta. An Amapiano Vibe ; produced by Jahreignclassic and still trending till today which led to the release of the musical video which was released year 2021.

Since you started singing, have you landed on any big stage with other music stars. Tell us how the event went?

I have had long term relationships and shared stages with lots of big musical stars to mention a few: 2face , Olamide Baddo ,small doctor , and it’s always a great feeling, a great moment . I must tell.

If you’re not into music , tell us other profession you would have dab into ? And why ?

To be candid, if I wasn’t into music I would have dabbled in to real estate business because I’m a business minded person who knows how to make value of every given opportunity .

Are you under a record label deal presently ? If not tell us why ?

I’m not under a record label deal for now, I’m an independent music artiste. I’m just waiting till the best of the musical deal approaches me.

What has been your biggest challenge in music industry ?

Insecurity at Music concert is a parochial issue. Most of the time, we music artistes do face harassment from hoodlums and streets boys . This do happens after showing performances when we are about Leaving the stage or leaving the venue that we were called to perform.

Tell us about your new song project that is coming out soon?

My latest job is my newly released EP titled ‘JBS Da EP meaning, Journey Behind The Success’. Reason for the title was stationed in the distraction and delay that stands as obstacle but today ; it’s a big success and it’s gaining momentum and massive air play on all streaming platforms .

What advice would you give other fast rising music artists?

My special advice to young stars goes this way; ‘the road to success is tiny , but we struggle’. Keep pushing it and somehow you get there someday.