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These simple tricks lower blood pressure instantly

How to reduce blood pressure instanstly [osfhealthcare]

Truth to be told, There are simple tricks that can reduce blood pressure but note that it isn’t a substitute for exercise, diet and drugs.

Managing high blood pressure involves the right diet, exercise and drugs but here are two simple tricks that can accelerate the reduction in a short time.

Ben Kelly, Head of Preventative Medicine at Nuffield Health, explains a simple trick to lower blood pressure:

The trick involves isometric handgrip devices, these 70s devices can be found online or at the pharmacy. Simply squeeze and hold repeatedly. The idea is that you can do this exercise with minimal effort while doing other activities.

This trick he explains isn’t a replacement for exercise and healthy eating. It’s a helpful addition. But a word of caution: consult your doctor before incorporating this into your routine.

These handgrips were initially designed to help US fighter pilots temporarily boost their blood pressure during high manoeuvres to avoid passing out. Ironically, sustained use actually lowered blood pressure in pilots with hypertension. Studies show this approach can reduce systolic blood pressure by 8-10mmHg over eight weeks, potentially bringing your levels from elevated to normal quickly.

In addition to the handgrip trick, here’s a simple, doctor-reviewed technique published in Medicinenet for immediate blood pressure relief: deep breathing. Sit comfortably, close your eyes, inhale deeply through your nose for five seconds, hold for 1-2 seconds, and exhale slowly through your mouth for five seconds. Repeat this for 60 seconds. This activates relaxation, lowers heart rate, and reduces stress hormones, providing temporary relief.

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How to reduce blood pressure instanstly [osfhealthcare]

Remember, these tricks and deep breathing are best used alongside exercise and a healthy lifestyle for optimal blood pressure management.