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“They st0le €70k cash, Birkin Bags” – Reality TV star, Kiddwaya cr!es out after being r0bbed at his villa in Ibiza (VIDEO)

Kiddwaya [Instagram]

Former BBNaija housemate, Kiddwaya cries out after being robbed for the second time in two years at his villa in Ibiza, Spain.

The reality TV star shared a video on Instagram, calling the attention of his rich Nigerian friends planning to travel for summer as he narrated his shocking encounter.

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He disclosed that the terrible incident marks the second time he will robbed at his villa in Ibiza since 2022. He noted that the culprits stole €70,000 cash, Birkin Bag, and other female valuables.

In his words, the theft is often a gang operation involving the villa staff, taxi driver, and police officers, who intend to steal from rich foreigners without security.

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He advised that any rich Nigerian with plans to lodge in a villa this summer should ensure there is availability of security in order to monitor their personal belongings and expensive accessories.

Netizens have countered the reality TV star’s claims, criticizing him for the constant display of wealth on social media which has undeniably attracted thieves. Many marveled over his composure after losing a huge amount of money and expensive belongings.

While some suggest he requested CCTV footage from the villa to recover his properties, others felt unconcerned about his loss.

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