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Young Stars Are Expected To Keep Grinding And Stay Real To Their Talent’s’ Versatile Music Artiste, D Nero Speaks With Olamond Naija

DNero [Instagram]

Hello Olamond  Naija’s readers! How well do you really know about Nigeria’s top famous and successful  entertainers ?

I mean their family background, challenges, secrecy, and testimonies. Enjoy as you read about One of the finest music artiste, D Nero

Idoko kelvin idoko also known as DNero
Born on the 5th of November . He’s originated from Benue State. He had his early life in akowonjo/alimosho Lagos before moving to Apapa in Lagos.

DNero is a graduate of criminology and security studies from the university of illorin .
A prolific song writer, musical artiste major in making Afro beats music.

Questions :
At what point did you discover that singing is the career you want to pursue?

I have been making music since 2018 attending grassroot entertainment events . I recorded my first song in 2021 my inspiration is from real life affairs from within and around me. I love keeping fit, singing and growing my mind.

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Tell us how the audition days and early age when struggling for studio bookings were, how frustrating and challenging were those days?

In 2021 I had an accident and my life flashed right before my eyes so I decided to do what I love to do as life is short. Thank God, I have an uncle who base in Abuja sometime ago he was the person that made payment for my first studio recording.

Facing the crowd on stage as a music artist is another issue on its own, how did you overcome the fears, if you were nervous at first?

I don’t really feel nervous at the first moment I faced huge crowd in a music concert.
I’m a confident and outspoken person who is always expressive of himself. I’m socially grounded to relate with people, so I have never had fright online fear when it comes to facing crowd.

Which song was your first hit track and was it a viral song that trend for longer period of time?

‘Control’ was my first hit track but I have other tracks hitting harder right now.

Since you started singing, have you landed on any big stage with other music stars. Tell us how the event went?

Yes I have shared big stages with a couple of stars, my encounter with 9ice was one fascinating encounter .

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If you’re not into music , tell us other profession you would have dab into ? And why ?

To be candid, if I wasn’t into music I would have dabbled into fashion because am also a fashion designer, I have a brand called 4shot wears and as the music is growing, the brand is also growing gracefully.

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Are you under a record label deal presently ? If not tell us why ?

I’m not under a record label deal for now, I’m still an independent music artiste. I’m still hoping for the best because I desire a very juicy deal .

What has been your biggest challenge in music industry ?
Fake promoters. The high rate of fake promoters is so alarming.

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Tell us about your new song project that is coming out soon?

I have a few songs I’m working on for my next EP, one of it is titled D’DON which is coming out real soon. I urge my fans and good listeners should get ready for the jam.

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What advice would you give other fast rising music artists?

My special advice to young stars is to keep grinding and stay real to their talents.